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*NEW* Lagunitas IPA in 12oz Cans


** Web Exclusive** This is the actual beer, in an actual can. Ruthlessly delicious IPFukin'A. Now in handy 12oz can 12-packs. Features Gold Splotch detailing on every top. Lined with trusty dog illustration on outside. Filled with delicious hops, malt, yeast and water; brewed in Petaluma, Calif. and Chicago, Ill. Comes in handy carrying case which includes an actual handle. Holds 12* (beers, not handles). Each can stands 4.75” tall and ergonomically designed to fit your preferred drinking hand. Special 12-Pack Feature: Gravity-Fed IPA-Dispensing Fridge Flap keeps your next IPA always at the ready, maximizing beerficiency while minimizing precious fridgespace footprint.


Giant IPA Body PIllow


** Web Exclusive** Three's company with this full-length IPA Body Pillow. Stands 6' tall. Lays down 6' tall. Cuddles at any height.



Giant Inflatable Flappy IPA Thingy


** Web Exclusive** Big news requires a big delivery. When you’ve got news as big as Lagunitas IPA finally coming to 12 cans, you go bigger than a sale on California Kings. Bigger than weekend deal King Cab trucks. Beyond king-sized. At 20-feet tall, this is flavor-sized. A 240 inch, hopped-up, giant inflatable flappy wonder. Makes a delightful conversation starter or curious paper weight. Aim away from face.



Gold IPA Pulltab Clutch


** Web Exclusive** Classy, Gold Splotch Pulltab Detailing. Take it for a spin and turn heads!



Handmade IPA Shuffleboard Puck Set


** Web Exclusive** Of all the games you can play with an IPA in your hand, shuffleboard is the boss. So show players you mean business, with these hand-crafted IPA can pucks. Each adorned with your favorite team color bands (*if your favorite team is either a red, blue, or white one). Hand-pressed and custom-made. Unique process ensures each puck is one-of-a-kind with plenty of tiny insignificant details to marvel at. They look great and slides pretty okay, too. Set of 12.



IPA Can Gymnesque Bag


** Web Exclusive** The perfect motivation for the gym. Or for not going to the gym. Includes two straps!



Succulent IPA Can


** Web Exclusive** All cacti are succulents, but not all succulents are cacti. However, this succulent Lagunitas IPA can doesn’t contain either. But it can … see what we did there? If not, continue reading: this is an empty Lagunitas IPA can and does not include any form of plant matter or matter otherwise. Just delicious-looking space. Perfect as a vase or holding pencils, pens, markers, styluses (styli?), or quills.



Lagunitas IPA Enamel Pin


** Web Exclusive** Classes up any old jacket. Dresses up any tie. And makes you an accessory … to awesomeness. The Lagunitas IPA enamel pin.



IPA Foot Rest


** Web Exclusive** Only thing better than kickin' back with an IPA is kickin' your feet up ON an IPA. Versatile: Doubles as a seat, footrest, or incredibly cumbersome paperweight. Comfy: Kinda like a beanbag with more backbone. Sized For You: 20” W x 20” D x 16” H



Mini Drum Kit


** Web Exclusive** Forged deep in the magma-spewing mountains of Petaluma, Califukinfornia. A metal drumset so metal, it could only be made from IPfukinA cans. Sure, aluminum may not be the heaviest metal, and at 12oz scale it’s smaller than a tiny Stonehenge, but its Double Bassness quickly dials this tiny beast back up to Eleven with a bullet. 🤘

Perfect for your bar, desk, sacrificial alter, or credenza. Hell, take your mom’s Lazy Susan and transform it into the spinning drum riser of your dreams.

Crafted from authentic Lagunitas IPA cans—heads made from the gold splotch pulltab tops; shells from the can body, and cymbals forged from the belly of the beasts themselves.